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Detroit Tigers All Time Career Hitting Leaders

Batting Average

1Ty Cobb0.368
2Harry Heilmann0.342
3Bob Fothergill0.337
4Dale Alexander0.331
5George Kell0.325
6Heinie Manush0.321
7Charlie Gehringer0.32
8Hank Greenberg0.319
9Miguel Cabrera0.318
10Gee Walker0.317

Runs Batted In

1Ty Cobb1811
2Al Kaline1582
3Harry Heilmann1446
4Charlie Gehringer1427
5Sam Crawford1262
6Hank Greenberg1200
7Miguel Cabrera1112
8Norm Cash1088
9Lou Whitaker1084
10Bobby Veach1049

Runs Scored

1Ty Cobb2085
2Charlie Gehringer1775
3Al Kaline1622
4Lou Whitaker1386
5Donie Bush1243
6Alan Trammell1231
7Harry Heilmann1209
8Sam Crawford1115
9Norm Cash1027
10Hank Greenberg975

Stolen Bases

1Ty Cobb869
2Donie Bush402
3Sam Crawford318
4Ron LeFlore294
5Alan Trammell236
6Kirk Gibson194
7George Moriarty193
8Bobby Veach189
9Charlie Gehringer181
10Lou Whitaker143



1Ty Cobb3900
2Al Kaline3007
3Charlie Gehringer2839
4Harry Heilmann2499
5Sam Crawford2466
6Lou Whitaker2369
7Alan Trammell2365
8Bobby Veach1859
9Miguel Cabrera1847
10Norm Cash1793


1Ty Cobb284
2Sam Crawford249
3Charlie Gehringer146
4Harry Heilmann145
5Bobby Veach136
6Al Kaline75
7Donie Bush73
8Dick McAuliffe70
9Hank Greenberg69
10Lu Blue66
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